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A leading provider of national construction services, facility maintenance and rollouts. We leverage unparalleled service and technology to implement solutions that enable our customers to maximize brand presence and profitability. Continuous improvement and implementation of sustainable processes and protocols have been integral to our success. Founded in 1996, originally as a retail signage company, Powerhouse has always provided clients with unmatched service and efficiency – let us create a Raving Fan out of you!



Our employees and dedicated partners enable us to deploy for almost any job with minimal lead time. Our 600+ team members are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet the rigorous standards demanded by both Powerhouse and our clients. The Powerhouse team has the expertise to design, create and implement any project or program.

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First and foremost, we take hiring people seriously. Our process ensures that we onboard team members with the skill level needed for their role and that they are a fit with our culture. We have built a workforce of extremely dedicated people – they really do go above and beyond. They will work tirelessly and stop at nothing to make sure we create success, even if it means working around the clock – they truly do care about our clients and the outcome of our work.

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Accelerated productivity begins with comprehensive thoughtfulness. We know that defined process and protocols create successful implementations. It starts with the on-boarding and really never ends. We continually review and modify our processes to make improvements that allow us to be more effective and drive efficiencies for our customers.

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We understand that without proper systems we cannot gain efficiency. Powerhouse has invested significant human and monetary resources into developing and implementing systems that give our employees the ability to excel. When it comes to systems, we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we have deployed custom technologies to meet the needs of each of our lines of business.  


The Powerhouse story began in 1996 with three men and a portable retail sign company.  That partnership bolted out of the gates quickly building a healthy business based on delivering exemplary service levels. As the sign business grew, so did awareness of the need to implement other types of services very quickly, at multiple locations across the country. In 2002, Powerhouse secured a project to install 12-foot inflatable movie character balloons on the roof of every Burger King in the country – which at that time was 4,000 locations. That program was the foundation to what is now a best-in-class nationwide rollouts organization. But we didn’t stop there, we soon realized that the success we created could be translated into other scopes of work. We soon thereafter expanded our offering to include construction services and then facilities maintenance. Today, Powerhouse has over 350 full-time employees, more than 300 W2s and four offices across the country. We continue servicing projects and programs within multiple industries with the same passion and commitment to excellence on which the company was founded.



I will always provide accurate, honest information. I will be transparent, trustworthy, and respectful.


I will have relentless pursuit of achieving project and company goals. Throughout my day I will keep in mind our ultimate goals and continuously try to do those things that help the company achieve them.


I will do everything necessary to be seen by our customers and Powerhouse as setting the standard. Everything I do will be accurate and on time.


I will quickly understand all options. Consultatively provide our customers with alternatives. Constantly and consistently find ways to do more with less. I will think deeply about all aspects of a project.


I will always have a “can do” attitude. Customers are happy that they called me. They will have an answer immediately or I will give them a day and time they should expect the answer. I will anticipate my Customer’s needs before they ask.

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The Powerhouse Foundation was established in 2018, however charitable giving to the community based on the owners’ faith has existed since Powerhouse was formed. While it continued with the programs existing before its 501(c)(3) status, it now has the ability to cast a wider net around the Crowley, TX area. Click below to see how Powerhouse Foundation has had a positive and lasting impact on its neighborhood.