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We know that the same process and protocols that create success in one industry may not meet the demand of another. We are well-versed in the complexities that make each of our customers exceptional and build our service offering around supporting their needs.

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Powerhouse knows that when it comes to providing services for commercial properties, disruption to tenants and employees is not an option. Working with our experts in live environment execution means business will carry on as usual. Whether it’s tenant improvements, office remodels or on-demand exterior services, we’ll help keep your buildings and office looking and working like new, so you can focus on productivity.

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Banking and financial institutions look to Powerhouse for a level of professionalism that is second to none. From interactive kiosk installations to rightsizing/remodels to facility maintenance services, Powerhouse provides a wide array of services designed to address the specific multi-location needs of financial services customers.

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Staying ahead in the extremely competitive environment of food, beverage and petroleum retailers requires a partner that is knowledgeable and nimble. Powerhouse brings unparalleled experience in the grocery and convenience store industry. We can quickly mobilize to execute flawlessly on your online pick-up upgrades, departmental remodels, foodservice equipment rollouts and floor plan optimizations. Our approach to holistic facility maintenance keeps your customers coming back for more.

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When it comes to patient care facilities, Powerhouse is the preferred partner for transformation. We train our teams in the specialized processes and protocols required to work in highly sensitive environments. From urgent care facilities to specialty medical practices to senior living communities, Powerhouse has what it takes to manage your re-images, patient room upgrades and common area remodels. Our on-demand facility maintenance teams understand that in these settings, urgency isn’t just expected, it is critical.

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Whether it’s adhering to brand standards or a desire to upgrade your property, Powerhouse knows that your success revolves around an elevated guest experience. Our strategic approach to mitigating guest disruption makes us the partner you need to execute remodels and implement property improvement plans on time and within budget. But what about toilet change-outs, closet door replacements or lobby refreshes? We’ve got you covered! Where your onsite engineer ends, we begin – for one property or 1,000.

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Powerhouse offers an array of services that facilitate restaurant enhancements. We have the expertise necessary to manage the intricacies of working in live food service environments. Limiting disruption in your ability to service your guests is paramount and Powerhouse understands these unique requirements. Whether you own/operate QSRs, casual/fast-casual dining or full-service restaurants, we provide the services that assist in keeping your facilities modernized. Our services include, but are not limited to: full restaurant remodels, dining area transformations, digital menu board rollouts, order kiosk installations, drive-thru reconfigurations, specialty food service equipment rollouts and on-demand/scheduled facility maintenance services.

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Creating inviting environments that capture and maintain the attention of your customers is the key to getting ahead in the ever-changing retail marketplace. Powerhouse’s store remodel, shop-in-shop, refresh and rollout services are best-in-class. Whether it’s working delicately during store hours or efficiently from close to open, Powerhouse has the experience necessary to deliver initiatives that keep your competitors on their toes.

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The ever-evolving way we communicate has created a niche industry that demands urgency, confidentiality and constant change. Powerhouse answers the demand through providing service levels that exceed the expectations of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. We tailor our construction, rollout and facility maintenance services to meet the unique needs of administrative buildings, data centers, tower facilities and retail stores.

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You’ll receive unparalleled service and technology on any sized program, ensuring maximum brand presence and profitability.


You’ll receive unparalleled service and technology on any sized program, ensuring maximum brand presence and profitability.