Retail Remodels


Nationwide retail remodels and renovation.

The marketplace is competitive.  All businesses with customer facing real estate, no matter what industry, are feeling the pressure as ecommerce eats into profits.  Renovating existing space to compete with what modern consumers want is a common strategy to drive increased sales.   Managing a renovation across a national real estate portfolio can be a challenging project.  Renovations come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple refresh to a complete retail remodel.  Powerhouse is the perfect partner to help manage and rollout a national remodel  program which can be very  powerful for your bottom line


With margins under pressure, retailers have to get creative at maximizing revenue. This means opting to renovate existing retail locations may allow your business to rekindle new interest in physical locations without the full cost of new construction.

Why Powerhouse Is Your National Retail Remodel Solution

Competitive pressure often drives the need to remodel or renovate existing store locations. Maybe your competitors have a fresher concept or have entered your market for the first time and you wish to stay competitive. Powerhouse has an extensive network of professional contractor services to help keep your retail locations fresh and competitive across the country.


We recognize that a successful remodel is a great marketing investment in itself; causing excitement in the community and elevating the store above local competition in the eyes of the community. That’s why Powerhouse is diligent in our project management during your store’s refresh- we understand that timing is just as important as quality work as far the community is concerned.


Powerhouse can help you plan your nationwide retail renovations so they’re a seamless experience for your company no matter the reason: whether you’re freshening up existing stores or executing a nationwide corporate refresh of your brand.

New Store Rollouts and Retail Remodeling

The Powerhouse nationwide rollout and retail remodel capabilities set a new standard in the industry. Our expertise covers a wide range of retail needs; everything from new store openings to retail resets and refreshes, our expert team will walk you through every step of the process so that you can focus on the important parts of the business.

Powerhouse’s expertise lies in our ability to execute inviting redesigns of both aesthetic and promotional in-store components as well as we deliver projects on time and on budget with our expert project management team for multi-site retail organizations.

We’re experts at managing:


  • New Store Openings
  • Retail Resets
  • Remodels
  • Fixture Changes
  • Fixture Installation
  • Full Build-Outs
  • Store Downsizes
  • Store Closings
  • Banner Conversions
  • Shop-In-Shop
  • Multi-Unit Programs
  • Design-Build Services
  • Code Research
  • Permitting 


Powerhouse Project Management & Oversight


Powerhouse stores all of our clients’ project information  in our proprietary management system, Infinity . Using our team’s expertise and our proprietary systems, we manage and control the logistics, material management, scheduling, reporting, execution, and budget to enable  our team to be agile and complete projects more efficiently.


Nationwide Retail Remodels That Keep Your Planning On Track


The Powerhouse team understands that meeting sales and revenue goals is already a challenge, especially with the rapidly changing landscape in retail. Hitting your revenue goals while building seems like an impossible feat, right?


Not with Powerhouse. Our expert construction team and our store remodel supervisors are proven experts in helping brands create and execute on their plans to renovate and refresh their buildings.

We execute  our projects so you can  minimize risk and maximize your opportunity. This results in a better customer experience, a better representation  of your brand, and an increase in sales revenue.


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Powerhouse is experienced in nationwide remodel and renovation projects. Our skilled workers handle all types of construction, including painting, carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, flooring, electrical, lighting and fire suppression remediation and relocation.

We have teams in every area of the country, ready to mobilize quickly for your project. Your dedicated Powerhouse project manager will provide ongoing progress reports and provide you with one point of contact from start to finish.

Our construction services include but are not limited to:

  • Remodels and Refreshes
  • SIS
  • Multi-Unit Programs
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Fixture Installation & Reconfiguration
  • PIP
  • Project Management
  • Design-Build Services
  • Permitting Management & Expediting
  • Code Research
  • Surveys: Simple to 360° & As-Builts


You’ll receive unparalleled service and technology on any sized program, ensuring maximum brand presence and profitability.


You’ll receive unparalleled service and technology on any sized program, ensuring maximum brand presence and profitability.