As businesses navigate through the financial challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic, it is painful to have to think about spending yet more money to protect their facilities from Mother Nature, too. But with the high number of storm predictions slated for the rest of the year, it cannot be ignored. It therefore makes sense to identify any way to save a little money to make this and future storm seasons a little more manageable. When it comes to weathering the storm, do you have a strategy?

Storms can be costly and disruptive. Power goes down. Storm drains flood. Windows break. Roofs are destroyed. Navigating all of that within quarantine orders today is hard enough. And then, there’s the adding-insult-to-injury experience: the price gouging that often occurs. Costs for essential materials and systems rise, particularly when sought in a post-event recovery phase.

A natural disaster’s devastation is hard to predict. However, there are some pre- and mid-season disaster preparation steps that can be taken that are often overlooked. These can save you time and money, while providing some peace of mind that you will be able to weather much of what a storm brings to your door.

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