Winter weather doesn’t take a vacation and neither does the Powerhouse team.


However, they are no match for the seasoned team at Powerhouse.


 When winter weather throws a punch, Powerhouse is your reliable national commercial snow removal services partner to keep your properties on their feet. Powerhouse has a dedicated team of in-house snow removal experts managing a national portfolio that provides access to a nationwide network of 7,500 service providers that deliver professional commercial snowplow services.

 We have the operational controls, technology, crews, and equipment needed to keep your properties clear of snow and ice, operational, and safe all winter long.
Having high-quality equipment, professional in-house teams, and systems are critical to success. Powerhouse takes it further with advanced planning and development of snow response plans. Our combination of this unique process with our professional, agile, and readily available crews ensure that we provide best in class service.

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Snow Removal Services That Match Your Needs

Commercial snow removal services require different approaches that are unique to each property. Smaller lots may need deicing with ice melt applied with a drop spreader instead of a broadcast spreader. Facilities with limited parking may need snow relocation services. Our team of experts work collaboratively to execute a plan that is optimal from a cost and operational standpoint for each site. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of your employees, tenants, and guests all winter long.

Efficiency Through Technology

At Powerhouse we use our technology platform, Atlas, to drive efficiency and communication with our vendor network and our clients. All location information, work order history, schedules, site visits, and pricing information is stored here. This becomes part of the site record and plan for each location and assists in driving decisions about future site activities. All snow removal partners utilize Atlas mobile technology in the field to provide photos and work verification. All information is stored at the site level allowing for detailed historical information to be used in year to year decision making.

Regular Communication

Keeping our clients up to date about approaching and active winter weather is a key tenant of the Powerhouse program. Our experience has shown that constant communication is of high value. Our communication plan begins ahead of weather events, with real time updates on storm paths. As the event unfolds our clients are kept informed with regular status calls and reports. With Powerhouse, our clients are never kept in the dark about what is happening within their portfolio.

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Early Storm Response

When winter storms roll through, action and execution are the names of the game. The Powerhouse team subscribes to weather forecasting services and keeps our clients informed of upcoming storms. Properties are pre-treated to ensure the safety and security of tenants and customers before, during, and after winter storms. This approach keeps property owners protected from potential liability. This also minimizes property downtime and allows our clients to safely welcome employees, customers, and tenants into their location.

Nationwide Service Providers

Powerhouse provides national snow removal services through our network of over 7,500 service providers.  All Powerhouse service providers are fully vetted, operating under stringent insurance standard, and adherence to Powerhouse standards of quality.

Economic Benefit of National Snow Removal Solution

Managing individual local service contracts for hundreds or thousands of locations is tedious, time consuming and costly.  It is difficult to maintain consistent service levels and is challenging for local facility or operational staff to manage. Powerhouse manages thousands of locations nationally and leverages our size and scale for optimal pricing, terms, and results.  Put the power of scale to use when it comes to winter planning  and letting the experts at Powerhouse review your portfolio. Click here to get started.

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Powerhouse Snow Removal Services

When winter storms hit, you can expect our team to roll into action. Powerhouse provides the following snow management services:
  • De-icing
  • Snowplowing
  • Snow hauling
  • Pre-treatment applications
  • Sidewalk Snow/Ice Management
  • Parking Garage Snow Management

National Facility Maintenance Services

Powerhouse is a full service commercial facility maintenance service company, when you have needs outside of landscaping services, the Powerhouse team is ready to assist with snow removal, parking lot sweeping, parking lot repair, facility maintenance, or any facility related need.


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