Prior to the pandemic, it could be argued that many (if not most) restaurants offered take-out while some actually had curbside pick-up. The same could be said about some retailers that, in an effort to outpace competitors with stellar customer service, had already introduced online or phone ordering with in-store pick up or in-car delivery. However, curbside pick-up today has shifted from being a nice-to-have to a must-have as consumers continue to seek ways to safely distance while still taking advantage of business offerings across the country.


For restaurants and retailers that have already established some sort of remote ordering and pick-up service, evolving their strategy to meet full-on curbside pick-up expectations may seem somewhat logical…perhaps even simple. For those who never implemented such a service, they may feel overwhelmed as they race to develop such accommodations.

Regardless of where a business is at in this process, owners and managers must remember that cutting corners can cause chaos and frustration for customers. These negative outcomes can, in turn, end up damaging the brand and ultimately the bottom line. Developing a well-organized strategy should yield a smooth and successful process that can help keep customers calm and coming back. What’s more, when done right, these types of projects can also strengthen a brand—a win for any organization.What You Need to Know When Adding or Updating Curbside Pick-up Service 1

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