Weekly Toolbox Meetings

Every field employee must attend a Toolbox Meeting each week they perform work.  These are quick meetings, held at the beginning of each week that all Powerhouse Field Employees must attend. These meetings are led by the Crew Lead, but Project Managers share the responsibility to make sure they are completed on a weekly basis and properly recorded.


1. Start with any topic for the first week. Go in order by week, but if the topic doesn’t apply, skip to the next topic that is relevant to the project. Save a link to this webpage!

2. Read through the safety topic a couple times. Find examples of how the topic applies to the project. Use props if you can. Conduct the meeting in a quiet place before work starts.

3. Fill out the online Weekly Toolbox Meeting SignOff by clicking HERE. Have everyone that attended print and sign their names.

4. Or print off this form and submit it every week to your Project Manager.


  •  If the Crew Lead doesn’t use the online form, submit any manually signed off sheets to the safety director within the same week.
  • Build these into your project manual.
  • We can setup a custom goformz link that will send you a copy via email every time the Toolbox SignOff form is completed.
  • Set reminders or use a task in Infinity to ensure your Crew Leads are conducting Safety Meetings.
  • It is ultimately your responsibility that they are completed. Audits will occur throughout the year with consequences for those that do not implement.


  1. Falls General Protection & Awareness
  2. Lifting & Carrying Materials
  3. Lockout Tagout
  4. Ladder Safety at Construction Site
  5. Aerial Lifts
  6. PPE
  7. Forklift
  8. Hammer
  9. Hearing Protection
  10. Housekeeping
  11. Power Saws
  12. Protecting Your Hands
  13. Respiratory Protection and Safety
  14. Buried Utilities
  15. Drywall Safety
  16. Equipment Falling Objects
  17. Falls Through Holes
  18. Fire Safety
  19. Nail Guns
  20. Overhead Power Lines
  21. Preventing Pinchpoint Injuries
  22. Safety on walking working surfaces
  23. Spray Painting
  24. Step Ladders
  25. Inspecting and Caring for your Fall Protection System
  26. Asbestos
  27. Electric Power
  28. Eye Protection
  29. Falls Extension Ladders
  30. Hot Weather
  31.  Jackhammer Safety
  32. Protecting Those Below During Overhead Work
  33. Shift Work
  34. Silica
  35. Vibration
  36. Wet Concrete
  37. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  38. Electric Cord Safety
  39. Falls Moving Equipment
  40. Handling Power Tools Safely
  41. Head Protection
  42. Housekeeping and Ladder Use
  43. Lead Exposure
  44. Manual Material Handling
  45. Recognizing and Preventing Onsite Violence
  46. Scissor Lift Safety Tips
  47. Three-point Contact to Prevent Falls
  48. Watch Your Step on Wet Surfaces
  49. Confined Spaces
  50. Electric Wiring
  51. Equipment Maintenance
  52. Avoiding Slips and Falls at the Site
  53. Machine Guards are for Your Protection
  54. No Extra Riders on Equipment
  55. Slips, Sprains and Falls
  56. On-site Hand Tool Safety
  57. Preventing Falls From Scaffolding
  58. Watch Out for Falling and Flying Objects
  59. Wet Weather and Work Surfaces
  60. Portable Fire Extinguishers
  61. Compressed Air Blowers

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