Sneeze Guard Install Specialists: A hat we never expected to wear.

America’s Most Essential Brick and Mortar Item: A title that plastic and acrylic manufacturers never knew they’d hold.

We all know that COVID-19 has changed everything and will continue to shift our society in ways we haven’t even considered in the months to come. As we wait for the stay-at-home orders to be lifted and for our lives to be returned to some sense of normalcy, we do our part by staying home.

We are beyond grateful for those essential workers who are bravely helping those affected by this virus, as well as those who are out there every day maintaining our society, our food supply, and all the other essential items that we need to maintain our lives during this critical time.  Powerhouse is humbled to do our part in helping to keep our nations essential workers and the general public protected.

Over the previous 3 weeks, Powerhouse has provided work to over 640 of our installers to install a total of 38,560 sneeze guards at 8,900 locations.

Sneeze Guard Install Specialists 1

How can we help?

We still have more sneeze guards, more installers wanting to do their part as essential workers and availability to help our customers ensure they can do their part to maintain public health and safety with doors open.

Our owners said it best

To those brave men and women at the front lines of this battle in the healthcare field, we give a special thanks to you and your families.  We know that you are walking into danger every day.  We see your stories and are in awe of your courage and perseverance. Your actions are inspiring and encourage us to take the necessary steps to help flatten the curve.

As an essential business we take seriously our commitment to keep our clients up and running during this time of crisis. We will keep doing our job so others can continue doing theirs. Of course, our first priority is the health and safety of our team members, their families, vendor partners, clients, and the general public.

We thank our dedicated field and office support teams for the mission-critical work they are doing to support our clients.  For our clients with essential businesses, the Powerhouse team is here supporting you in these circumstances, keeping your assets operational and safe.  For our clients with dark locations we are here for you during this time and when you return to operations.

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